[Podcast] “Identity is not static”

Thomas Lambert is Belgium’s ambassador to Luxembourg. Meeting him in his residence in Luxembourg-City, we discussed the relationship between the two countries, and the work regulation and infrastructure challenges that remain. Listen to the podcast on journal.lu

The wine connection

My latest article was published on Journal. It can be found HERE. Luxembourg and Georgia are two countries separated not just by a large metric distance, but also by significant differences in perception. Both countries are known for something else than wine, and yet both countries pride themselves in the art of their vineyards. We brought […]

La fausse bonne idée des quotas européens de contenu streaming

Comme beaucoup de personnes durant cette pandémie, je suis devenu un peu un accro au streaming. J’ai pu ainsi rattraper le “retard” que j’avais soi-disant accumulé concernant ma connaissance de la culture populaire. Désormais, je suis abonné à trois services à la fois. Je regarde des films et des émissions de télévision populaires des États-Unis […]

The fallacy of content quotas

I’ve become somewhat of a streaming junkie during this pandemic, following up on the criticism that my pop-culture knowledge is sub-optimal. Now subscribed to three services at once, I watch both popular movies and TV shows from the U.S. and niche local productions buried in the dark corners of Netflix. On these platforms, content curation […]

“An Zéro” – ARTE film disavowed by its own director

My latest article was published on Journal. It can be found HERE, and is for free! The ARTE-NDR docu-fiction “An Zéro” imagines Luxembourg after a nuclear disaster. Director Myriam Tonelotto speaks about how the broadcaster twisted her work into a sensationalist film that goes after the Grand-Duchy – and about the alleged attempt at suppressing her […]