Just like the bees, the ‘Beepocalypse’ myth isn’t dying

On World Bee Day, let’s set the record straight. It has been seven years since the Washington Post famously dispelled the myth of a catastrophic bee decline in an article titled “Call off the bee-pocalypse: honeybee colonies just hit a 20-year high.” The piece was one of many attempts to underline that pollinators are not under threat, […]

Herbicide shortage underlines its importance

The United States is facing a historic shortage of weed killers due to ongoing supply chain issues. The manufacturers are struggling to get their hands on some of the inert chemicals needed to make herbicides, as well as cardboard boxes and plastic jugs for caps. Glyphosate is one of the chemicals most affected by these […]

The problem with the EPA’s pesticide politics

If you’re a regular consumer of memes, then you’ve likely heard of the widely used herbicide atrazine. Conspiracy theory broadcaster Alex Jones mentioned the chemical in a now-viral segment claiming it “turns the frog gay.” Jones had based his claims on research by a Berkeley biology professor named Tyrone Hayes. In 2002, Hayes published a […]

On Agriculture, There’s No Need To Learn From Europe

Throughout the country, there is a rising movement that hopes to make regulations on American agriculture mirror that of the European Union. It would be a toxic mistake. Sens. Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren have teamed up to introduce the Protect America’s Children from Toxic Pesticides Act (PACTA), supported by a set of green environmental […]

The Farm to Fork is too much of a political utopia

The EU’s new blueprint for sustainable food systems risks hurting both consumers and farmers. By 2030, the European Union is aiming to achieve a wide range of goals, according to the European Commission’s “Farm to Fork” strategy. From a political point of view, the document is the confirmation of a trend: green ideas are gaining […]

L’agriculture moderne est activement menacée – nous devons la sauver

Les mycotoxines représentent une menace active et palpable pour la santé des consommateurs, des millions de personnes étant particulièrement touchées dans les pays en développement. L’hostilité ouverte envers certaines mesures de protection des cultures a accentué ce problème, car les fongicides sont sous le feu. La méthode scientifique et la santé des consommateurs devraient être […]

Modern agriculture is actively under threat — we need to save it

Mycotoxins represent an active and palpable threat to the health of consumers, with millions affected particularly in developing nations. The open hostility towards certain crop protection measures has emphasised this problem, as fungicides are coming under fire. The scientific method and consumer health should be the metrics of public agricultural policy.

In Africa, a locust plague is seriously endangering food security

As Europe is dealing with Coronavirus, Africa is looking at the most devastating locust plague in decades. Europeans are panic-buying in the supermarkets around the continent – toilet paper, pasta, and many other items that people fear will soon be out of stock. The retailers are being overrun, but the only real shortage is that […]

Schimmelpilzgifte, nein danke!

Umweltaktivisten wollen Fungizide verbieten. Dadurch gefährden sie die Gesundheit von Verbrauchern. Mechanisierung, landwirtschaftliche Intensivierung, synthetische Düngemittel und sogar Drohnen sind heute Teil der modernen Landwirtschaft. Dies ermöglicht uns, selbst in Krisenzeiten wie jetzt, täglich Milliarden von Menschen zu ernähren. Im Vergleich zu unseren Vorfahren haben wir große Fortschritte in der Lebensmittelproduktion gemacht.