The value of brands

Brands are flashy, but they aren’t malicious Have you ever bought something because of the branding? Surely you have, especially when the packaging is very flashy and enticing. If we were to deny that we respond to good ads we might as well condemn millions of marketing departments to obscurity, because what value does marketing […]

Health advocates are using this crisis to further restrict alcohol

Global health advocates do not have their priorities straight, argues Bill Wirtz With the recent news that has revealed the structural deficiencies of the World Health Organisation (WHO), one would believe the UN’s global health body would be interested in laying low on other issues that would make it unpopular. However, in some strange death wish, […]

What advertising bans get wrong about consumer behaviour

Advertising bans are increasingly relevant in political debate, with some countries having already establishes rules that don’t allow for “junk food” advertising. But these proposals are all based on the assumptions that consumers are buying goods that they never would have wanted otherwise.

Quoted by VSK Newsroom

VSK Newsroom quoted me on the introduction of plain packaging legislation in the Netherlands. Click down below to read the full article, or find it on their website.

Quoted by MedicalFacts

The Dutch medicines website MedicalFacts quoted me on the introduction of plain packaging legislation in the Netherlands. Click down below to read the full article, or find it on their website.

L’OMS veut la mort du tigre, du coq et de l’abeille

Les «défenseurs de la santé publique» se tournent vers le seul danger que personne n’a vu venir : les héros dessinés sur les boîtes de céréales. Et oui, Tony le Tigre, Cornelius le Coq, ou Pops l’Abeille voudraient tous du mal à nos enfant, mais, pas de panique! L’Union européenne, l’Organisation mondiale de la Santé […]

Why is the Nanny State so popular?

Bans on plastic straws, soda taxes, bans on diesel cars, the crackdown on smoking, restrictions on alcohol consumption: the list of restrictions on people’s personal freedoms is steadily increasing. But why is the Nanny State so popular?

Wie die EU dicke Kinder schlank machen will

Die Gesundheitsminister der Europäischen Union haben Vorschläge für die Regulierung der Vermarktung von sogenanntem Junkfood vorgelegt, in denen Beschränkungen von Werbung solcher Produkte gefordert werden. Geschützt werden sollten vor allem Kinder.

Malbouffe: enlever Tony le tigre ne fera pas manger sainement les enfants

Le Conseil européen a adopté un projet de conclusions concernant la commercialisation de produits dits “junk-food” (malbouffe), dans lequel il appelle à des restrictions sur la publicité de ces produits, dans le but de protéger les enfants. Les cibles sont les aliments riches en énergie, les graisses saturées, les acides gras, le sucre et le […]