I am now working with Lëtzebuerger Journal !

Dear readers, Happy new year 2021 ! As promised, new projects are coming in 2021, and with that the announcement that I have started as a freelance journalist with Lëtzebuerger Journal. Journal is a Luxembourg-based newspaper that goes completely digital this year, after 70 years of publishing a print newspaper. Journalism is changing, and so […]

Students For Liberty success story

Students For Liberty activist Maria Chaplia has written an article about me for SFL’s blog. I’m very honoured to be considered a success story by Students For Liberty, and want to thank all that this organisation has given to me, and continues to give!

Statement: Trud article mischaracterising my argument

I would like to reiterate here what I already posted on social media yesterday. The biggest-circulation newspaper in Bulgaria, Trud, published a translated version of my recent article about Robert Schuman. It can be read here. The original was an article published by CityAM.