Welsh minimum alcohol pricing won’t work

There should, however, be no ambiguity about one point: the consumption of alcohol does bring health risks that all consumers should be aware of. Educational practices should promote and enable responsible drinkers without falling into blatant paternalism the likes of which will infantilise the Welsh consumer of their consumer choice.

Quand l’Europe s’en prend à nos bières préférées

L’Union européenne annonce agir avec pour objectif de réduire la consommation d’alcool. L’idée la plus récente en la matière : changer la politique fiscale pour encourager le brassage des bières à faible teneur en alcool. Ce changement nuira à toutes les brasseries belges.

Irish excise taxes hurt responsible drinkers

Irish levels of taxation on alcohol beverages are, in comparison with European counterparts, at appallingly high levels. These are being carried by the Irish consumer, most notably by those who are responsible drinkers. Is the Irish policy on alcohol the correct one to tackle public health concerns? The Irish excise tax rate on wine is […]

Anti-Alkohol Politik macht uns betrunken

Richtlinien zur Bekämpfung des Alkoholkonsums haben sich im letzten Jahrzehnt aggressiv vervielfacht. “Schützer der allgemeinen Gesundheit” sagen uns ständig, dass wir einfach nicht genug tun, um den hohen Alkoholkonsum in der Gesellschaft zu reduzieren.

The European Union is coming for your bourbon

Last week, US president Donald Trump announced tariffs on steel and aluminium, as a means to protect local American industries from foreign competition. This is in line with Trump’s general tendency towards economic protectionism, demonstrated by his support for tariffs on the Canadian manufacturer Bombardier’s C-series jets (planes which are partially produced in the UK […]

La politique anti-alcool nous rend ivre

Les politiques visant à lutter contre la consommation d’alcool se sont multipliées de manière agressive au cours de la dernière décennie. Les lobbyistes de la santé publique nous disent continuellement que nous n’en faisons tout simplement pas assez pour réduire la consommation d’alcool dans tous les secteurs. En conséquence, les politiciens ont procédé de la […]

We are drunk on anti-alcohol policy

Policies intended to crack down on alcohol usage have aggressively multiplied over the past decade. Public-health lobbyists continuously tell us we are simply not doing enough to reduce drinking across the board. As a consequence, politicians have been doing exactly that: they tax and regulate our favourite drinks, with little interest for the unintended consequences.

Ireland’s Misled New Alcohol Policy

In a renewed effort to crack down on alcohol abuse, the Irish Senate has approved new policies regarding alcoholic beverages. Apart from mandatory health labelling on the products themselves, the law would also require a legal minimum unit pricing. A similar regulation had recently passed objections by the UK’s Supreme Court, as Scotland was attempting […]