ConsEUmer podcast / EP71: Goodbye masks, Chaotic summer, and The breakfast divide (co-hosted with Elizabeth Hicks)

This week’s episode of ConsEUmer is co-hosted with Elizabeth Hicks! We cover: 😷 Florida judge overturns mask mandate in the United States 🧑‍✈️ Airlines deal with staff shortages 🥘 Should you eat three times a day? CNN Travel article: BBC Future article: Follow Elizabeth Hicks on Twitter @eohicks. Check out these websites if […]

Emmanuel Macron’s fleeting win

In France’s presidential runoff vote on Sunday, incumbent Emmanuel Macron defeated nationalist contender Marine Le Pen. This makes the center-left Macron the first president since 2002 to get a second term, though he is also one of the least popular politicians in French history. Compared to 2017, Macron dropped by more than seven percentage points […]

ConsEUmer podcast / EP70: Performative caviar ban, Aviation under fire, and The importance of herbicides (w/ Prof. Jayson Lusk)

In this week’s ConsEUmer episode: 🐟 Sanctions on Russian caviar don’t mean much 🛬 Environmentalists target aviation 🌱 The importance of herbicides (w/ Prof. Jayson Lusk) Interview of the week was conducted by Yaël Ossowski and David Clement at Consumer Choice Radio. Check them out :  Podcast Index: Apple: Spotify: RSS: […]

Europe’s Legislative Copy and Paste on Ag Reform a Warning for US

War is never a good time for an “I told you so!” It amounts to making a point on policy on the backs of the suffering of many. That said, Russia’s war against Ukraine has laid the cards on the table not just on Europe’s energy dependence, but its entire sustainability strategy. Activists in Ukraine […]

Election présidentielle: un malaise pour les Européens

Pour l’Europe, l’élection présidentielle en France tombe très mal. En effet, après la fin du règne d’Angela Merkel, les candidats au leadership de l’Union ne sont pas légion. Une victoire de Marine Le Pen rebattrait complètement les cartes à ce niveau.  L’Europe suit toujours assez nerveusement les événements de la politique française, car ils sont […]

Politique agricole: à quand la fin des utopies?

Le secteur énergétique n’est pas le seul concerné par la guerre en Ukraine, les sanctions qui l’ont suivie, et des problèmes d’approvisionnement en ressources essentielles. La stratégie de l’UE semble en revanche faite pour aggraver la situation… En Europe, tous les consensus politiques des dernières années et décennies sont jetés par la fenêtre. Le pacifisme […]

My work at Lëtzebuerger Journal has ended

Dear readers, Happy Easter 2022! I would like to inform you that I am longer working with Lëtzebuerger Journal in Luxembourg. After about a year and a half with the magazine, I have decided that my work takes me in other directions, but I wish Journal good luck with their project in the future. I […]

Marine Le Pen takes on the king of Europe

Last Sunday marked the beginning of the French presidential vote; the runoff election will take place on April 24, and incumbent president Emmanuel Macron winning again is no sure thing. If she plays her cards right, challenger Marine Le Pen has a legitimate shot at becoming the next president of France. Continue reading at The […]